Lake Sawyer South Community Association Board of Directors, a voluntary group of residents,
is committed to maintaining the beauty, safety and value of our community.

Here are some of the events and projects that are scheduled or they are currently working on.


Dates: Event:
04/23/22 Easter Egg Hunt
04/26/22 Monthly ARB Meeting
04/26/22 Monthly BOD Meeting
05/11/22 Community Workshop – Vendors
05/21/22 Pot Decorating
05/24/22 Monthly ARB Meeting
05/24/22 Monthly BOD Meeting
06/8/22 Community Workshop – Budget Review
07/13/22 Community Workshop – Community Events
08/10/22 Community Workshop – Proposal Review
09/14/22 Community Workshop – Budget
10/12/22 Community Workshop – Governance



Status: Project Name: Description:
COMPLETE  Alley Boulders Salomon Alley Boulders
COMPLETE Fountain Repair Replace current fountain equipment
COMPLETE Paving Pot hole repairs in Townhomes
COMPLETE Courts Tennis & Bball Ct
COMPLETE Pool Pack Pool Pack replacement
COMPLETE Security Cameras Add blind spot coverage at the pool and extend coverage to the courts
Awaiting Proposals Split Rail Fence Repair Salomon Alley split rail fencing
Permit Pending Flag poles Permanent flag poles at Londale, Derexa and Townhomes
Awaiting Proposals Monuments Repair monuments at entrances
COMPLETE Townhome Numbers Placing numbers on Townhouse garages