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Playground-Lake Sawyer South

Playground Closed for Refurbishment

In our on-going efforts to maintain our community amenities in tip-top shape, we are having some extensive refurbishing done to the amenities at our Playground.

While we don’t have a specific timeline now, it’s possible that the Playground will be closed up to 6 months, in order to affect these needed updates.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may be for your family, but are certain the new updates will provide a more fun and more safe environment for your children. Keep an eye here on the website for any updates or completion dates.

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Season is coming!  Are you ready?

Experts predict that this year’s Hurricane Season may be more severe than previous years. No reason to be stressed. But there are many ways you should get ready.

  • Attend the 2024 Hurricane Expo at Evans High School, June 15, 9 am – 1 pm.  READ MORE.
  • Take advantage of Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday.   READ MORE
    • First Exemption: Saturday, June 1 – Friday, June 14
    • Second Exemption: Saturday, August 24 – Friday, September 6
  • Get your Hurricane Safety Guide that will show you how to prepare and protect your home.
  • Learn more about Evacuation plans and other Emergency Medical Services. READ MORE.
  • Be sure your trees are properly trimmed in preparation for any heavy storms and wind events. READ MORE. 
  • Who do I call if I need help?
    • Immediate danger:  Dial 911 for life-threatening emergency assistance from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office or Fire Rescue.
    • Orange County Government Services:  Dial 311 for assistance with non-emergency flooding, debris, downed trees, traffic matters, road conditions and animal or neighborhood concerns.

Board of Director

Board of Directors has a Director Opening

If you’ve ever wanted to get more involved with your community and how it’s managed, now is your opportunity. The Board of Directors has a Director position open. You’ll be part of our Board of Directors team, over-seeing the value, safety and livability of our Community.  Our Board of Directors are familiar with all the documents which our community is governed by.  If you think this is something you’d like to do, contact Tiffany (TCastille@lelandmanagement.com) and describe why you would be a good candidate.

Berkshire Park 4th of July Decorations

So What Do YOU Want Us To Do?

The Board of Directors are about to go into their Budget Planning Sessions, to determine the best prioritization of projects to allocate to our budget.  What gets done, when?

If you have an opinion about what you would like to see done in the Lake Sawyer South neighborhoods (Berkshire Park, Berkshire Place, Enclave at Berkshire Park, and  The Reserve at Berkshire Park), please share your thoughts with our Property Manager, Tiffany. You can email her your thoughts at TCastille@lelandmanagement.com.

Horizon West

What’s Horizon West?

Yes, if you live in Lake Sawyer South, you’re part of it!

Horizon West is a new community located in southwest Orange County designed using the principles of Garden Cities and New Urbanism to create self-sustaining, mixed-use villages. As the community continues to grow over the next few decades, this foundation ensures that new development will contribute to a sense of place, environmental preservation, excellent architectural design, quality bicycle and pedestrian facilities and vibrant community gathering places.

Horizon West includes nearly 23,000 acres of former citrus groves until the devastating freezes of the 1980s, which created the impetus to institute appropriate master planning for the area’s urbanization over time.


Dog Waste Station

Are We Going To Lose Our Doggie Waste Stations?

Hopefully not!

But the Board of Directors would like to ask all dog owners who use these conveniences to please be considerate to others, and alert to the mis-use of these conveniences.

It’s been reported that some dog-walkers have been taking WAY too many bags from these facilities. PLEASE only take what you need for that stroll, and leave some for the other dog walkers.  Those who abuse this facility may ruin it for all others. If the bags are being “stolen” in bulk, that expense may become more than the Board of Directors wants to budget for this item.

We want to keep these doggie waste stations, and promote the proper disposal of dog waste.  If you see someone abusing this, please suggest they leave some bags for others. If the abuse of these stations becomes too severe, they may be on the chopping block for next year’s budget.

Did You Put Your Cans and
Yard Waste Out Too Early?

Please be mindful to your neighbors and the Neighborhood guidelines. It’s unsightly to have Garbage and Recycling Cans on the street too long. Put them out no earlier than 6:00 p.m. on Monday Night, prior to the Tuesday Pickup.

And the same goes for your Yard Waste. Please don’t leave bags of yard waste or piles of branches on the street too long. Maybe your yard service leaves it on the street when they’re done. Again, it should be put out NO EARLIER than 6:00 p.m. Tuesday evening before the Wednesday pickup. Oh, and don’t forget that branches must be BUNDLED together, not just stacked up.

Garbage cans in front of garage.

Nope! That’s Not Hidden. Please put inside Garage.

And, once the items have been picked up, be sure to bring your cans back in (out of sight) as quickly as possible.

Our Management Company will be monitoring the situation, and writing violations for those who are not complying with these policies, laid out in our documents.

Remember, these guidelines were established to help maintain an attractive appearance to our neighborhoods.

Remember, our Governing Document Declarations list this specifically, Article X, section 35:

“… Such containers shall be screened from view from outside of the Lot except when they are being made available for collection and then only for the shortest time reasonably necessary to effect such collection. …”

And we want to put our best foot forward, for those who may be considering becoming your future neighbors.

Recycling Tips

Waste Collection Tips

• Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and Electronic Waste (E-Waste)
can injure waste workers and contaminate the environment.

• Check out the virtual celebration of over 30 years of recycling in Orange County,
and see what happens to your waste by watching the “Landfill Video Tour (in English and Spanish) :


Plastic bags can go in the recycling cart. –

Plastic bags and wraps should never go in the recycling cart. Visit BagandFilmRecycling.org to find a drop-off location near you.
For us, Publix would be the closest spot.

Containers must be washed before recycling –

A quick rinse or wipe is sufficient for bottles and containers to deter bugs.
Too much food or liquid can contaminate other recyclables like paper, Recyclables should be empty and dry before placing in the cart.

• It doesn’t matter what goes into the cart; it will all be sorted eventually –
Too many unacceptable items can make the recycling load too contaminated for processing.
For example, “stringy things” like hoses and wires get tangled in the sorting equipment and shut down operations for hours, even days.

• If an item has the chasing arrow triangle symbol, it can be recycled. –

The symbol indicates the type or plastic resin used to make the item and not what goes in the blue lid cart.
Remember to “Think 5” and only place these items in the recycling cart:
(1) plastic bottles, jugs, and tubs #1 – #5, (2) metal cans, (3) glass bottles and jars, (4) cardboard, and (5) paper.


Putting Green Tips

Help Take Care of our new Putting Green

The Board of Directors would like to ask residents, their children, and their guests to be remember that the putting green area is just for putting.

 Please keep any overflow pool chairs off the green. It is not to be used for soccer or any other children’s games.  The surface was not built for that kind of use and it can be easily damaged.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new amenity we have for the community, but If you don’t have a putter and a golf ball you shouldn’t be on the green.

Storm Drain with LeavesStorm Drains are not made for Leaves

Leaves that are blown or raked onto the street can cause real harm – to our sewage systems and our lakes.

When leaves, grass clippings and other yard debris are blown onto streets, sidewalks and into storm drains, it eventually will make its way to our lakes. These materials add excess nutrients to the lake and cause water quality issues. Take care of your lakes by taking care of your yard debris.

If you have a yard service, be sure they dispose of your leaves PROPERLY.

Keep Leaves Off the Streets

  • Put leaves, grass clippings and small twigs or trimmings in bags. Solid Waste crews cannot pick up a pile of leaves without scattering them into the street.
  • NEVER blow leaves or grass clippings from your yard into streets, sidewalks or storm drains.
  • Street sweeping services are designed to handle natural leaf fall on public streets only. When leaves from the yard are blown into the streets, it disrupts this process.
  • Streets, sidewalks and driveways must be kept clear of all yard waste to prevent this debris from entering a curb inlet or storm drain. Assume that if your yard waste is on a paved surface, it has access to a storm drain!
  • When yard waste makes it through a storm drain and into a lake, it:
    • adds excess nutrients to the water, causing potentially-toxic algae blooms
    • reduces and degrades fish and wildlife habitats
    • decreases water recreation opportunities by degrading water quality


Read more about this at the Orange County Website.

If you see someone polluting, CALL 311 and report them.

Car blocking sidewalk

Don’t block the Sidewalk when you park.

In order to maintain the safety of our residents, and in accordance to local laws,
when you park in your driveway, be sure you DON’T BLOCK THE SIDEWALK.
Someone may be walking by and not see what’s coming around the car.
Or you may force someone to step into the street.

Section 316.1945 of the chapter of the state statutes that deals with motor vehicle law
says regarding stopping, standing, or parking prohibitions in specified places:
“Except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic, or in compliance with law or the directions of a police officer or official traffic control device,
no person shall: stop, stand, or park a vehicle on the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the edge or curb of a street;
on a sidewalk; within an intersection; on a crosswalk.”
Parking a vehicle on a sidewalk constitutes a noncriminal traffic infraction in Florida, which is punishable as a nonmoving violation.

Be courteous and park your car on the street (during the daytime) instead.

Annual Budget

The 2024 Annual Budget was reviewed and approved in December 2023.
CLICK HERE to get a copy of the Approved Budget.

Important Numbers to Know!


Call or use the App for code enforcement, violations/ordinances –
to report concerns that a deputy is not needed to attend to.

407-836-HELP (4357)

Goes straight to a deputy for assistance, but is not an emergency situation.


Call for emergency help.

Townhome Landscaping

The Board wants to remind homeowners/renters in the Townhomes
that there are to be NO personal plantings in the landscape.
Any personal plantings will be removed and discarded
and there will be no compensation paid back to the homeowners for the cost of the plants

Homeowner Landscaping Responsibilities

As a single-family-homeowner,
did you know you are responsible for the plants and trees in the Easement —
the area between the sidewalk and street?

Please be sure to keep the trees (particularly the Magnolias and Oaks)
trimmed appropriately, to be sure the sidewalk and the street  clearance  won’t hit any person or vehicle.

Lake Sawyer South Trees in Easement

Here are some examples of Easements that need some attention. If they look familiar, please put it on your TO DO list.

The following was recently added to our ARB Guidelines.
Remember, those not complying may receive notice of violation, which could lead to a fine or worse. Now, we DON’T want that, do we?

Landscaping of Easements

Area between sidewalk and curb shall remain sod and may not be replaced with ground cover, mulch, stone, pavers, concrete, etc. No shrubs or hedges may be in this area. Owners of Lots shall be responsible, at the Lot Owner’s expense, for the prompt removal and subsequent replacement of any landscape improvements within easements as may be required for access, installation and maintenance of utilities or other purposes. Plantings are not permitted in easements that will prevent maintenance of utilities or impede drainage. For the Pulte side of the development the magnolia or oak tree planted in this area is not be removed from the street side easement unless to replace a dead tree of the same type. For the Enclave side of the development one tree may be installed in the street side easement and must be a crepe myrtle or other approved tree. Corner Lots will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For the trees described above a mulch ring not to exceed 3′ in diameter may be installed. Flowers may be planted in the mulch ring but may not exceed 12″ in height. No landscape edging or borders may be used in this area.

NOTE: Homeowners are required to maintain all trees and keep landscaping on their property and the easements on the immediate front or side of the home from overgrowing and obstructing the sidewalk or street. Trees and shrubs will be trimmed as to not encroach laterally upon sidewalks or streets. Tree canopies shall be trimmed to a minimum clearance of six (6’) feet above sidewalks and ten (10’) feet above streets.


Amenities Survey Results

See the recap of our July 2020 Amenities Survey.

Lake Sawyer South Amenities Survey Results


Attention Homeowners in the Lake Sawyer South Community Association

(Berkshire Park, Berkshire Place, Enclave at Berkshire Park and The Reserve at Berkshire Park).

Please read this revised Covenant Enforcement Resolution and Policy statement from your Board of Directors. It outlines the Notice process and legal steps which will be taken if violations are not remedied.

This policy is in accordance with the Association’s governing documents and Florida statutes.

Do You Use Gmail?

Lake Sawyer South Newsletter - Q1 2023If so, you might be missing our great newsletters, chocked full of valuable information about our neighborhoods.Gmail logo

Sometimes, Gmail thinks our messages are “junk”, “spam” or “promotions.”

Even though they are not.

We’re actively working from our end, to try to resolve this, with a lot of backend gyrations.

What can you do?

One thing you can try is to move our newsletters from the “junk” or “Promotions” tab into your Inbox. Maybe Gmail will take a hint.

Or, you can find our newsletters right here on our website. Just CLICK HERE and bookmark our Newsletter page.

But we won’t stop trying to get the word out. Thank you for your patience.

Landlords & Tenants

All owners leasing property need to provide the Association with a mailing address to receive official correspondence.  Owners remain responsible for any covenants or architectural violations and are encouraged to provide copies of relevant documents to tenants.

Read More here.



Header Photo: Contest Winner, Paul LaRosa
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


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