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Important Numbers to Know!


Call or use the App for code enforcement, violations/ordinances –
to report concerns that a deputy is not needed to attend to.

407-836-HELP (4357)

Goes straight to a deputy for assistance, but is not an emergency situation.


Call for emergency help.

President’s Message

Greeting neighbors:

My name is Marcus Bonds. Many of you may or may not have heard but Steve Mileski has stepped down as our President and I have assumed that role for the Lake Sawyer South Community Association (Enclave at Berkshire Park, The Reserve at Berkshire Park, Berkshire Place and Enclave at Berkshire Park).

I want to start off by acknowledging Steve Mileski for his work and dedication to our community. Steve stepped down as the President, but remains a Director on the aboard of Directors.  I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to give you my vision for our community and ask for your support.

First and foremost we have a very good community and I plan to maintain and build upon what we have. I see much more community involvement to enhance our sense of community through participation in the governance of the community. Our Fun Committee, as an example, could use volunteers so we can build upon events like the decorating contests, Santa visit, Turkey Trot and Easter Egg hunt.  We need your involvement to help shape not only activities but to help forecast and plan for community improvements.

For my first priority, I am committed to increasing communication within our community and that starts with updating and maintaining current information on our community webpage https://www.lakesawyersouth.com/ . We have already started listing planned and ongoing projects and a calendar of events. There are other resources, like meeting minutes, on the site for your use as well and it should be your first stop not social media sites like NextDoor. The Association uses our internal site https://www.lakesawyersouth.com/ as NextDoor is NOT an official medium and no Association business is conducted there.

Each month we host Board meetings that all residents are welcome to attend, however only owners have a vote. Currently those meeting are virtually and the dial in information is posted on https://www.lakesawyersouth.com/ . It is at these meeting you will see the work of your Board of Directors facilitating numerous concurrent activities on your behalf, some which are more complicated than imagined.  Our October meeting will be our Annual General Meeting where we approve the budget and have elections for Board members. I invite you to participate as we need at least 235 of the 744 homes to be present of submit proxies to hold that meeting.

Should you have concerns you can reach the Board of Directors via emailing Leland Management. I look forward to seeing great things in our future.


Painting is completed at the Townhomes!!!


A special shout out to Munyan Painting on a job well done.
Our homes look wonderful and the work of the landscapers is continuing
and soon we will have the work trucks removed from the community.
It has been a long time coming and as a Board we are so proud that we were able to get the job completed.

Townhome Landscaping

The Board wants to remind homeowners/renters in the Townhomes
that there are to be NO personal plantings in the landscape.
As of July 1st, any personal plantings will be removed and discarded
and there will be no compensation paid back to the homeowners for the cost of the plants

Homeowner Landscaping Responsibilities

As a single-family-homeowner,
did you know you are responsible for the plants and trees in the Easement —
the area between the sidewalk and street?

Please be sure to keep the trees (particularly the Magnolias and Oaks)
trimmed appropriately, to be sure the sidewalk and the street  clearance  won’t hit any person or vehicle.

Lake Sawyer South Trees in Easement

The following was recently added to our ARB Guidelines.
Remember, those not complying may receive notice of violation, which could lead to a fine or worse. Now, we DON’T want that, do we?

Landscaping of Easements

Area between sidewalk and curb shall remain sod and may not be replaced with ground cover, mulch, stone, pavers, concrete, etc. No shrubs or hedges may be in this area. Owners of Lots shall be responsible, at the Lot Owner’s expense, for the prompt removal and subsequent replacement of any landscape improvements within easements as may be required for access, installation and maintenance of utilities or other purposes. Plantings are not permitted in easements that will prevent maintenance of utilities or impede drainage. For the Pulte side of the development the magnolia or oak tree planted in this area is not be removed from the street side easement unless to replace a dead tree of the same type. For the Enclave side of the development one tree may be installed in the street side easement and must be a crepe myrtle or other approved tree. Corner Lots will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For the trees described above a mulch ring not to exceed 3′ in diameter may be installed. Flowers may be planted in the mulch ring but may not exceed 12″ in height. No landscape edging or borders may be used in this area.

NOTE: Homeowners are required to maintain all trees and keep landscaping on their property and the easements on the immediate front or side of the home from overgrowing and obstructing the sidewalk or street. Trees and shrubs will be trimmed as to not encroach laterally upon sidewalks or streets. Tree canopies shall be trimmed to a minimum clearance of six (6’) feet above sidewalks and ten (10’) feet above streets.


Amenities Survey Results

See the recap of our July 2020 Amenities Survey.

Lake Sawyer South Amenities Survey Results


Attention Homeowners in the Lake Sawyer South Community Association

(Berkshire Park, Berkshire Place, Enclave at Berkshire Park and The Reserve at Berkshire Park).

Please read this revised Covenant Enforcement Resolution and Policy statement from your Board of Directors. It outlines the Notice process and legal steps which will be taken if violations are not remedied.

This policy is in accordance with the Association’s governing documents and Florida statutes.


Amendment Results

Our HOA members have voted and approved a series of revisions to 9 Amendments which may affect you and your home.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to see the updated amendments regarding:

  1. Association’s employment of individuals or companies
  2. Working Capital
  3. Rental Restrictions
  4. Walls, Fences, Hedges and Hurricane Panels
  5. Approved Builders
  6. Basketball Goals and Equipment
  7. Trash Containers and Collection
  8. Signs
  9. Vacancy


Board of Directors
Lake Sawyer South Community Association


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Landlords & Tenants

All owners leasing property need to provide the Association with a mailing address to receive official correspondence.  Owners remain responsible for any covenants or architectural violations and are encouraged to provide copies of relevant documents to tenants.

Read More here.



Header Photo: Contest Winner, Paul LaRosa

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