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To the Residents of Lake Sawyer South:

As a homeowner and a Board member I share in the disappointments of our amenities being closed due to COVID-19. While we all find the news difficult at this time it is in our best interest to delay opening the amenities.  I know that there will be individuals that will argue the point and I know that many of you will remain disappointed with the news, but after listening to the attorneys that represent our management company, I came away supporting our President’s use of emergency powers and decision to continue to keep our amenities closed at this time. Their arguments were persuasive in that they laid out the facts of what would be required by the HOA to safely reopen amenities like the pool.

We would need someone responsible for keeping count of the numbers of individuals entering the pool area. There would have to be a clear distinction and understanding of whether the amenities were cleaned versus sanitized and what the frequency was. Who would be assigned the task of cleaning railings, wiping down chairs…the list goes on.  The tennis court and basketball court have the same requirements.  All of this comes with a cost to each of us and it is NOT lessened by hold-harmless waivers.

The truth is we are working in an unknown environment.  I don’t know that back in February we could have imagined that we would be facing this type of decision or process.  I know that other Board members are balancing the decision between being cautious moving forward.  Those decisions are meant to protect you and the community from illness or the unnecessary risk of litigation against the community.

A major factor and unknown to all of us is if there have been COVID infections within our community. Under the HIPAA laws and protections of individual privacy we are not entitled to know, nor are the individuals required to disclose.

As we see other communities start to open their amenities and how they are managing the risk, we will continue to evaluate the situation. Honestly, the people that are serving you are trying to make the best decision they can, given the information that we have.  I say it everyday to my family, “we are in unchartered times” and in this case life is not as simple as unlocking the gate.

Please bear with us and, if you see and have knowledge of HOA’s opening up their amenities, please share that information with us.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Shannon Boe
Lake Sawyer South Homeowners Association

Upcoming Meetings

The ARB and Board of Directors will be conducting a virtual meeting
at their normal time on Tuesday, May 26th.
All residents are welcome to attend by phone. The dial-in information is below.

ARB Virtual Meeting
Tuesday, 5/26/20 at 5:00PM
Phone number: 716-273-1030
PIN: 2928442#

Board of Directors Virtual Meeting
Tuesday, 5/26/20 at 6:15PM
Phone number: 716-273-1030
PIN: 2928442#

Note: Although the phone number and PIN are the same, you will need to dial in to each meeting separately.

Attention Homeowners in the Lake Sawyer South Community Association (Berkshire Park, Berkshire Place, Enclave at Berkshire Park and The Reserve at Berkshire Park).

Please read this revised Covenant Enforcement Resolution and Policy statement from your Board of Directors. It outlines the Notice process and legal steps which will be taken if violations are not remedied.

This policy is in accordance with the Association’s governing documents and Florida statutes.


The Board has adopted a temporary collection policy in the midst of this pandemic to offer some relief in the following ways:
  • Extend HOA late dues process by 30 days and defer late fees.  The HOA will send late notices according to current policy, but defer further collection actions by 30 days. The HOA will also defer late fees and interest for the same 30-day period.
  • Suspend Foreclosure Actions.  Suspending foreclosure actions until further notice.
Please be aware, although we have amenities currently closed to meet CDC guidelines, there will not be a credit to HOA dues. The HOA is still paying for maintenance and servicing of these areas per the budget.
If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Heather.


The pool, basketball and tennis courts are closed.

Gatherings of 10 or more should be limited per the CDC.

Please check this website for updates.

Our management company is closely following the situation
and updating our board as information is available.

Thank you for your assistance in helping make our community safe and healthy.

If  you have any concerns, please email Heather Gambini.


Amendment Results

Our HOA members have voted and approved a series of revisions to 9 Amendments which may affect you and your home.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to see the updated amendments regarding:

  1. Association’s employment of individuals or companies
  2. Working Capital
  3. Rental Restrictions
  4. Walls, Fences, Hedges and Hurricane Panels
  5. Approved Builders
  6. Basketball Goals and Equipment
  7. Trash Containers and Collection
  8. Signs
  9. Vacancy


Board of Directors
Lake Sawyer South Community Association


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Landlords & Tenants

All owners leasing property need to provide the Association with a mailing address to receive official correspondence.  Owners remain responsible for any covenants or architectural violations and are encouraged to provide copies of relevant documents to tenants.

Read More here.



Header Photo: Contest Winner, Paul LaRosa

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