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Updates from The Board

Approved 2022 Budget
You can see the final, approved 2022 Budget BY CLICKING HERE.

New Community Manager
Effective our Annual Meeting, Tiffany Castille will be our new Community Manager.
Her email is tcastille@lelandmanagement.com
(407) 906-0491

We have completed paving in the townhome area.
Orange County is repairing a few sidewalks and additional pothole connect to the cracked sidewalks.
Townhome Insurance Rider:
Townhome owners are reminded that in accordance with our covenants,
they are required to maintain homeowners insurance and list the Association as secondary insured.
Friendly reminder the beautiful magnolias lining our streets are the responsibility of owners.
Please trim the lower branches to have walkways clear
and not to hinder visibility for our drivers.
Next time the Postal Worker drops off your mail,
watch to see if your magnolias are scraping the top of their vehicle.
All about safety.

Consideration and Respect

It is very unfortunate to have to bring up consideration of others and respect for our community.
The Board is seeing an increase in speeding and vandalism in our community.
As many of you know the courts (Tennis/Pickle-ball and Basketball) have been completed.
The electronic maglocks are active and we have notice increased trash,
gates being propped open and damage done to the irrigation system.
Specifically, the sprinkler heads being taken or torn off and a portion of piping pulled up from the ground.
We all share in the cost to maintain the community.
Please be considerate of the amenities and our neighbors and
if you see damage being done report it to the non-emergency Sheriff line.

Lake Sawyer South Halloween Decoration Winners

The fun committee and members of the HOA board had a busy Sunday judging the amazing decorations in the neighborhood.
We really live in a special place.


The weekend started out with members of the fun committee judging over 40 homes.
The list was then narrowed down the list including those that submitted their address for judging.
Last Sunday, three different teams of judges drove around and scored each home.

The fun committee would also like to thank everyone that decorated for Halloween
and our judging teams.
It was a very tough competition!

Congratulations to our winners!
Make sure you drive around (especially at night) to see these frightful decorations!
Each winner has a sign in front of their home and will be getting a Publix gift card!
Overall – 13245 Strode Ln
Scary – 13161 Vennetta Way
Single-family – 13254 Roxboro Rd
Townhome – 7767 Fairgrove Ave

Honorable Mentions:
13604 Darchance Rd
13307 Vennetta Way
7418 Tattant Blvd
13249 Roxboro Rd
13232 Strode Ln
12879 Woodmere Close Dr
7850 Brofield Dr
12926 Vennetta Way
12840 Salomon Cove Rd

This event was put on by the Lake Sawyer South HOA Fun Committee!
Want to help us put on more events like these? Please email LakeSawyerSouthNewsletter@gmail.com.

Important Numbers to Know!


Call or use the App for code enforcement, violations/ordinances –
to report concerns that a deputy is not needed to attend to.

407-836-HELP (4357)

Goes straight to a deputy for assistance, but is not an emergency situation.


Call for emergency help.

Townhome Landscaping

The Board wants to remind homeowners/renters in the Townhomes
that there are to be NO personal plantings in the landscape.
Any personal plantings will be removed and discarded
and there will be no compensation paid back to the homeowners for the cost of the plants

Homeowner Landscaping Responsibilities

As a single-family-homeowner,
did you know you are responsible for the plants and trees in the Easement —
the area between the sidewalk and street?

Please be sure to keep the trees (particularly the Magnolias and Oaks)
trimmed appropriately, to be sure the sidewalk and the street  clearance  won’t hit any person or vehicle.

Lake Sawyer South Trees in Easement

Here are some examples of Easements that need some attention. If they look familiar, please put it on your TO DO list.

The following was recently added to our ARB Guidelines.
Remember, those not complying may receive notice of violation, which could lead to a fine or worse. Now, we DON’T want that, do we?

Landscaping of Easements

Area between sidewalk and curb shall remain sod and may not be replaced with ground cover, mulch, stone, pavers, concrete, etc. No shrubs or hedges may be in this area. Owners of Lots shall be responsible, at the Lot Owner’s expense, for the prompt removal and subsequent replacement of any landscape improvements within easements as may be required for access, installation and maintenance of utilities or other purposes. Plantings are not permitted in easements that will prevent maintenance of utilities or impede drainage. For the Pulte side of the development the magnolia or oak tree planted in this area is not be removed from the street side easement unless to replace a dead tree of the same type. For the Enclave side of the development one tree may be installed in the street side easement and must be a crepe myrtle or other approved tree. Corner Lots will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For the trees described above a mulch ring not to exceed 3′ in diameter may be installed. Flowers may be planted in the mulch ring but may not exceed 12″ in height. No landscape edging or borders may be used in this area.

NOTE: Homeowners are required to maintain all trees and keep landscaping on their property and the easements on the immediate front or side of the home from overgrowing and obstructing the sidewalk or street. Trees and shrubs will be trimmed as to not encroach laterally upon sidewalks or streets. Tree canopies shall be trimmed to a minimum clearance of six (6’) feet above sidewalks and ten (10’) feet above streets.


Amenities Survey Results

See the recap of our July 2020 Amenities Survey.

Lake Sawyer South Amenities Survey Results


Attention Homeowners in the Lake Sawyer South Community Association

(Berkshire Park, Berkshire Place, Enclave at Berkshire Park and The Reserve at Berkshire Park).

Please read this revised Covenant Enforcement Resolution and Policy statement from your Board of Directors. It outlines the Notice process and legal steps which will be taken if violations are not remedied.

This policy is in accordance with the Association’s governing documents and Florida statutes.


Amendment Results

Our HOA members have voted and approved a series of revisions to 9 Amendments which may affect you and your home.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to see the updated amendments regarding:

  1. Association’s employment of individuals or companies
  2. Working Capital
  3. Rental Restrictions
  4. Walls, Fences, Hedges and Hurricane Panels
  5. Approved Builders
  6. Basketball Goals and Equipment
  7. Trash Containers and Collection
  8. Signs
  9. Vacancy


Board of Directors
Lake Sawyer South Community Association


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Landlords & Tenants

All owners leasing property need to provide the Association with a mailing address to receive official correspondence.  Owners remain responsible for any covenants or architectural violations and are encouraged to provide copies of relevant documents to tenants.

Read More here.



Header Photo: Contest Winner, Paul LaRosa

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