Holiday Decorating ContestCongrats to all of our winners, runners-up, Honorable Mentions and
thanks to all who decorated!

Tis the season once again to let our celebrations to be shown in color and lights. These wonderful displays not only allow an outward expression of our joy, but is also enjoyed by those who get to view them.

For the past five years the decorating committee have selected the best of the community in appreciation of the hard work done. I want to thank the individuals who make up this committee that not only judges the homes, but also decorates our entrances to the community. This year was a repeat roster from the last three years, which includes Cheryl, Susan, Henry and Patrick. Below are the homes that impressed us for 2021.


We noticed quite an uptick in the number of townhomes being decorated this year. Way to go everyone.

Our first place townhome winner is 12840 Salomon Cove Dr.

  • Second place goes to 12828 Salomon Cove Dr with the very funny snowmen on the sled.
  • Third was awarded to 7739 Fairgrove Ave,  featuring the three wisemen
  • And Honorable Mention goes to 12832 Salomon Cove Dr.


Single-Family Homes

There were so many single family homes that were in the final running this year, which made the selecting as difficult as it was fun to do. Londale had the greatest number of houses decorated this year while Roxboro once again had the most finalists.

Our first-place, single-family home winner is 13249 Roxboro Rd.


  • Our second place winner for two years in a row goes to Santa’s Workshop at 13254 Roxboro Rd.
  • Third was awarded to the very colorful light display at 8015 Jailene Dr.
  • Two honorable mentions go to 7561 Tattant Blvd. and 7803 Brofield Ave.


Many thanks to all that decorated for the holidays this year showing we have a wonderful community.

Decorating Committee Help Needed

Every year the decorating committee tries to improve upon the previous events and to do that we need more volunteers in design and implementation. Outside of the month of December, we have a number of other occasions to decorate for, so please contact me at if you want to join in on the fun.