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Attention Homeowners in the Lake Sawyer South Community Association (Berkshire Park, Berkshire Place, Enclave at Berkshire Park and The Reserve at Berkshire Park).

Please read this revised Covenant Enforcement Resolution and Policy statement from your Board of Directors. It outlines the Notice process and legal steps which will be taken if violations are not remedied.

This policy is in accordance with the Association’s governing documents and Florida statutes.

Board of Directors & ARB Meetings
in new location starting January 2019.

Beginning in January 22nd, the Board of Directors meetings (6:15 p.m.) and the ARB meetings (5:00 p.m.) will move FROM the Windermere Preparatory School
to the First Baptist Church of Windermere (8464 Winter Garden Vineland Rd, Orlando, FL 32836)

See details and map.

Board Meetings will be in Building 4, the 4th Tuesday of every month, at 6:15 p.m., and
ARB meetings will be in Building location TBD, the 4th Tuesday of every month, at 5:00 p.m.

The Board hopes to see more of our neighbors at our meetings in the New Year.

Holiday Decorating ContestBoard of Directors announces
winners of
Holiday Decorating Contest.

Alright, let’s get back to celebrating our community and the joy that this time of year brings. First let us start by thanking all of our residents who chose to decorate their homes this year. The decorating committee did a drive around the community and after some coquito tallied the following results:

  • Best Themed house for their use of toy soldiers across the front of the house and garage goes to 13254 Roxboro.
  • Followed closely with the Mickey themed house at 7334 Tattant.
  • Best Front Porch was found at 7850 Brofield with their choice of lights and packages to bring about a most decided holiday display.
  • Followed by 7418 Tattant.
  • The Contemporary or Modern nod goes to 13249 Roxboro for their blend of lights and projection images.
  • In their shadow was the home on 7912 Brofield utilizing Frosty who is a favorite this time of year.
  • The Griswald this year was so close we had to break it in two
    • 8015 Jailene capturing the one story slot, and
    • 7278 Londale once again captures the two story display.
  • In the Classic Division 13912 Darchance edged out 7403 Derexa in the use of lighting, garland trim and the Fa-la-la-la sign out front.
  • The Townhome competition was a tight race with 7720 Moser pulling slightly forward of 7729 Jailene. The extra decorations in the second floor windows was the deciding factor.


Thanks again for showing your spirit to mankind and your community. Hope to see more next year.


Amendment Results

If you haven’t already heard, we easily reach a quorum for the August 9th special meeting to vote on changes to the community documents. All proposed changes were approved by an overwhelming margin with 38% of eligible members voting. Thank you to those who sent in ballots. If you or someone you know did not vote, please consider becoming more informed and involved. Encourage neighbors to sign up for the newsletter (in right-hand column) and to visit our website. The results of the voting are below and will become official once recorded with the county (about 2 weeks).

ITEM #1 – Rentals 91% APPROVED
ITEM #2 – Fences 96% APPROVED
ITEM #3 – Basketball 79% APPROVED
ITEM #4 – Vacancy 92% APPROVED
ITEM #5 – Contracts 95% APPROVED
ITEM #6 – Builders 95% APPROVED
ITEM #7 – Trashcans 85% APPROVED
ITEM #8 – Signs 84% APPROVED
ITEM #9 – Capital $ 80% APPROVED

Board of Directors
Lake Sawyer South Community Association


Townhome Owners: Please read this message from the Board.

It’s an Update regarding Stucco and TJI joist issues in the Townhomes.



ARB Approval And Pulte Stucco RepairsAttention Homeowners

Many owners in our community are having warranty work being done by Pulte.  Recently, several received notification from Pulte that they will not be permitted to change their paint colors moving forward.  This is because several residents did not follow the community guidelines or Pulte’s direction to get ARB approval prior to painting.  ARB approval is required, even if you are repainting the same color.

Read More here.

Landlords & Tenants

All owners leasing property need to provide the Association with a mailing address to receive official correspondence.  Owners remain responsible for any covenants or architectural violations and are encouraged to provide copies of relevant documents to tenants.

Read More here.




Free Stucco Inspections For Homeowners

PULTE GROUP has reached out to our Association and is offering free inspections to homeowners in Lake Sawyer South who are concerned with the stucco on their PULTE home. Please email Jennie Shannon if you have questions or to set up an inspection.


Disclaimer:  If you are currently represented by an attorney, either as an individual or as part of any class action regarding this issue, Pulte will not be permitted to respond to your request for inspection. Any communications you wish to have with Pulte must be through your attorney.

Header Photo: Contest Winner, Paul LaRosa

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